1978 Exxon Office Systems, Brookfield, CT

James K. McMahon, Junior Physicist built and tested an assortment of Inkjets working with John Martner, Bill DeBonte, and Steve Zoltan inventor of Drop-on-Demand, Inkjet tube geometry! James K. McMahon held Patent #4389657, Improved Ink Jet System 1983, Sole Inventor.


1985 Howtek, Hudson, NH

James K. McMahon, Mechanical Engineer, responsible for R&D Inkjet design, and the manufacturing of tubular glass, and teflon nozzles. Piezoelectrical acoustical fluid wave inkjets are used for water based wax, and liquid plastic (thermoplastic) inks. McMahon tested inks, waxes, and assisted with the design of the rotary inkjet printhead for Pixelmaster, and Braillemaster, an early 3D Font Drop-on-Demand printer.

Kempton Philbrook joined Howtek producing the world’s first injection molded nozzle, for Drop-on-Demand inkjet printing. Philbrook managed the production of ink pellets, the “build” material used in Sanders, and Solidscape 3D printers. Today Philbrook develops, and sells his own safe, and unique formulas through Rapid-Cast, visit Rapid-Cast.com to learn more.


1st 3D Ink Jet Printer Invented in the Early 1990’s

See a live product demonstration of the Sculptor, the first 3D inkjet printer (prototype) based on U.S. Patent #5136515, method and means for constructing three-dimensional articles by particle deposition.


1992 Sanders Prototype Inc., Wilton, NH

Kempton Philbrook, co-founder of Sanders Prototype, Inc., worked as the Print Head Designer, Engineer, and held one of the original base technology patents. Philbrook was employed at Sanders Design International from 1991 to 2004, when Sanders Prototype Inc., was established.

Sanders Prototype Inc., moved to Merrimack, NH, and the company changed their name to Solidscape, Inc.


1994 Solidscape, Merrimack, NH

James K. McMahon managed, and trained Solidscape’s world wide Service organization, the leading manufacturer of Rapid Prototype, 3D modeling, wax based, inkjet systems. He also managed the Technical Support department, installed 6 Pro, MM2, PM, and the first T66 printers.

McMahon developed the technical documentation, and manuals for 6Pro, MM2, PM machines, and assisted with the T66.


2004 ~ Present Layer Grown Model, Londonderry, NH

James K. McMahon, owner of Layer Grown Model provides Technical Support, and Engineering Services for all Solidscape, and Sanders 3D inkjet printers that are beyond the manufactures warranty. His extensive background and expertise makes him 2nd to none for repairing, and trouble shooting these printers.

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