Printheads, Jets

A printhead consists of a heated vessel for the 3D material, a filter protecting the inkjet nozzle assembly with an inlet pipe for heated line attachment. All products use the same components in the printhead except the housing, which varies per model. Housings are inter-changeable in most cases, and printheads can be cleaned and used with both materials if the nozzle is adequate.

Common Failures with Printheads

  • Insufficient material in printhead
  • Dirt or old material blocking inlet pipe
  • Dirty filter in printhead
  • Nozzle failure from overheating or clogged nozzle orifice

Layer Grown Model can resolve all these issues and more…

Circuit Boards

There are many variations of circuit boards in these products, each board does a special job and is repairable. Many failures are visible to the untrained eye and only require replacement of the defective part. LGM can do these repairs for you, if necessary. In all cases, the old board must be returned for the repair unless you only need the component which are available. More complicated failures such as burns require extensive repairs. It is always a pleasure to fix a board and save the end user the higher cost of a replacement.

Belts, Pulleys and Bearings

The quality of your finished piece is directly related to the mechanics of the moving printhead carriage. The carriage should move freely along the vector path of the MWORKS model file. Any variation of this path will translate to misplaced drops of model wax which will be apparent in the finished model. The Kevlar fibers in urethane belts slowly wear out pulleys, and belts. Bearings dry out and wear out over time. All parts are available from LGM and can be installed by the end user. LGM trains end users how to recognize a problem and take appropriate action to repair and care for their machines.

Milling Cutters

The milling cutter does one thing, it finishes the layer of the model after the material is printed. The layer must be clean, smooth and have an undamaged edge, a sharp cutter is a must. LGM improved the milling cutters edge for to produce a high quality part. We recommend that you return cutters for sharpening, LGM has sharpened cutters in stock for fast replacement. Model material must be hot enough to flow evenly on each layer before cooling in a uniform layer. A spraying inkjet nozzle or low temperature build printhead will produce a crystalized layer and this will not mill smoothly. Run the build jet warmer for a few models before ordering a sharpened milling cutter. Also never blame a cutter when build jet is spraying.


LGM sells, and repairs motors, and bearings. Motors run at a constant “speed” and when dust and dry pulleys or bearings slow the carriage, the motors work harder and eventually wears out the motors. Z motors and Paper feed motors never seem to fail. Some customers have X and Y motors last for 5+ years, but eventually they all fail. When a motor fails, the amperage is high enough to burn out the control board components. At the first “motion error” (about a year or so of use) it is best to order a spare motor for X and Y axis. You will have to judge this, and decide when is time to replace a motor before it fails. Old motors can be rebuilt or you can purchase a new one.


Shop and compare our prices to your OEM’s. We offer a wide range of consumables for keeping your 3D inkjet printer clean. We recommend you have a supply of purge/test paper, oil lubrication sponges, lint free tissues, silicone hoses, and a printhead teflon purge hose in stock, it’s a wise investment for the future. We’ll have consumables long after the manufacturers “End of Life” cycle, and have products for all machines, give us a call for pricing.

Upgrades for Older Machine

Why buy a new machine when you can save by upgrading your old one! We can retrofit your machine to have a better motor, wider belts, linear rails and bearings, new printhead mountings, digital hard drives, CD ROM’s, and CPU boards with network connections. Soon we’ll have a USB port.

Tell us what you want and we’ll design it for you, as technology matures we can upgrade your machine which saves you money.